Why we recommend BiAloe®.

While BiAloe® isn’t the only source of Acemannan from Aloe inner leaf gel powder, it is, by far, the best.

The proof:

Results of tests performed by different independent laboratories using blind samples.
(Quoted from Lorand Laboratories publications.)


Experts agree that Acemannan (a.k.a. poly acetyl mannose) is the active ingredient in Aloe vera L (Aloe barbadensis Miller).

BiAloe® is the highest quality, most bio-available (in Blue), most immunomodulatory (in Red) and the highest total (in Green) Acemannan from Aloe vera L. made today.

Farming, harvesting, processing, and packaging affect Acemannan content and the bioavailability of the Acemannan.

BiAloe® is Organic Inner Leaf Aloe vera Powder.

  • HIGHEST Total Acemannan – On Average 18%
  • HIGHEST Immunomodulatory Acemannan < 400 KDa
  • HIGHEST Bio-available Acemannan < 50 KDa
  • FULL SPECTRUM of Molecular Weight Polysaccharides
  • HIGHEST Polysaccharide Content – On Average 20%

Aloe Vera Acemannan Comparison Chart

Polysaccharides between 400 and 5 KDa exhibit the most potent immunomodulatory activity.

Im SA, Oh ST, Song S, et al. Identification of optimal molecular size of modified Aloe polysaccharides with maximum immunomodulatory activity. International Immunopharmacology. 2005;5(2):271-279.

Materials and Methods: Samples A, B, D & M were ranked based upon their respective Total Acemannan. Numerous “other” samples were tested; however, they did not qualify for inclusion in the table since they lacked the full range of immunomodulatory Acemannan. For each sample listed, the Total Acemannan was calculated using the “o-acetyl method” then checked against the SEC (size exclusion chromatography) for accuracy using total polysaccharides as the marker. The SEC data was also used to determine the Fraction < 50 KDa and the Fraction < 400 KDa. Both tests were performed by different independent laboratories using blind samples.”

What this means is:

  • You can expect much better immune system modulation, improved stomach function and enhanced cognitive function improvements from BiAloe® than from any other Aloe product.
  • Your cost for effectiveness ratio will be much lower when you choose BiAloe® over inferior Aloe products.


A listing of currently available BiAloe® products can be found HERE.

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